About us


We believe that images are clear reflections of fleeting moments, water drops that capture moments suspended forever in time. We will tell the story of your wedding fluctuating between real emotions and heartfelt moments, through those tiny details embroidered with elegance; the distinctive and singular trait of each of you captured in the extraordinary light that will make you shine in the best version of yourselves.

And like aqua that slips lightly through your hands, you will be immersed in these sensations again, every time you see your images.






Georgia & Ronnie

Georgia and Ronnie’s wedding gave us the opportunity to photograph a typical Jewish party in one of the most characteristic villas in Rome: Villa Miani.

It’s June, the sky is very uncertain, but in the end the couple manages to exchange their vows outdoors, in the enchanting garden of the villa. A white cloth accompanies their walk under an arch of green leaves and white flowers, with the background of a perfect and romantic Rome as always: the couple exchanges rings followed by the traditional breaking of the chalice by the groom.

Alberto & Giulia

Villa Miani is the place chosen by Alberto and Giulia for their wedding, on an enchanting July afternoon that created the magical atmosphere of a beautiful Rome in the background.

Giulia, together with six bridesmaids and her mother, got ready at the villa, first taking pictures with her friends in a beautiful kimono and then showing off the dress chosen for the big day: a magnificent tulle Alessandra Rinaudo dress together with the iconic Louboutin shoes.

Alberto arrives at the Church of Santo Spirito in Sassia in a red vintage mercedes, and it is the same car he drives once the ceremony is over to take his bride back to the villa where the sunset over Rome illuminates the whole city with a beautiful pastel color. Before the beautiful arrival in the convertible, the iconic kiss in front of St. Peter’s was immortalized with Giulia in Alberto’s arms.